Copenhagen is bursting with exciting museums which the kids will love. You only have to choose whether you want to be creative, look at animals or take a trip back in time? We guide you to the best child-friendly museums this city has to offer.

1. Statens Museum for Kunst 

The National Gallery of Denmark

SMK has a wealth of special offers for families with kids, especially on the weekends. After paying the admission fee, you can visit the Children’s Workshop free of charge. Here, the kids can draw, paint and build different stuff from cardboard or plaster and other materials. Artists are standing by to help the kids. On Sundays, there are guided children’s tours, where the museum guides are showing the kids around in some of the works in SMK’s regular exhibitions.

Tip! There is a dining room by the wardrobe where you can eat your own food.
Prices: Children under 18: Free / Adults: 120 kr.

2. Designmuseum Danmark
Designmusem Denmark

Do your kids like to be creative and create things? Then the Designmuseum Denmark is just their thing. Every Sunday the kids can design their own chair, mask, hand fan or kite, depending on the theme of the day, in the family workshop. The kids are being helped by a teacher and in the workshop, craftmanship, materials and the design process are in focus. There are also special guided tours for children in the museum where they are introduced to design in a fun and different way.

In the museum’s café, you can buy children-friendly dishes.
Prices: Children under 26: Free / Adults: 115 kr.

3. Nationalmuseet 

National Museum of Denmark

Travel back in time with a trip to the Kids’ museum in the National Museum. Here the kids can play their way through different historic periods and countries. Try the old schoolroom and experience how it was to go to school 100 years ago. Sail on the seven seas or fight with a sword in the knights’ stronghold. The museum often has workshops for kids on the weekends with changing themes. Here you can make kites, Egyptian amulets and loads more.

Keep an eye out for the museum’s “boredom buttons”.
Prices: Children under 18: Free / Adults: 95 kr.

4. Louisiana
Louisiana - Museum of Modern Art

Louisiana is a very special place which is definitely worth a trip out of the city. Here you can spend a whole day, for there is plenty to do and see! In the Kids House, the little ones can release their creativity over three whole floors. The admission to the open workshops is free every day and here the kids can paint and draw based on the present exhibitions of the museum. In the Sunday workshop, someone educated in art will bring the kids around the exhibitions, where they will talk about the works, which will hopefully inspire them to do creative work in the Kids House workshop afterwards.

Tip! Louisiana is placed in beautiful surroundings, so don’t forget to take a walk outside.
Prices: Children under 18: Free / Adults: 125 kr.

5. Museet for Søfart 

The Maritime Museum of Denmark

In Helsingør between Kronborg and Kulturværftet lies an underground and architectural museum of world-class, the Martime Museum of Denmark, which tells the story of Denmark as a maritime nation. Look forward to the Dream Ship, a 400 m2 maritime universe of fun! In the Dream Ship, the kids can load the ship and stay the course, or they can sing sailor karaoke and dress up as real sailors.

Remember to get a real sailor tattoo!
Prices: Children under 18: Free / Adults: 120 kr.

6. Experimentarium

Visit the Experimentairum and let the kids learn about the natural sciences and technology in a fun and playful way. You can easily spend the entire day in the big exhibition, which both adults and kids alike will be absorbed by. Visit the Miniverse – a safe, magical land for the little ones, which is split into seven worlds, each with its own scientific purpose.

Tip! In the summer, the Experimentarium’s interactive rooftop terrace is a must to visit.
Prices: Children (age 3-11): 115 kr. / Adults: 195 kr. Remember that you get 20% off the admission fee with the Kids in the city club membership

7. Arbejdermuseet 

The Workers Museum

Travel back in time and experience the lives and conditions of working-class kids up through the 20th century. Here the kids can play in an apartment which is furnished as a typic working-class home in the 1930s, or they can try working as a bottle sorter or dress up and move it in the dance school. In the grocery shop, there is plenty of goods on the shelves ready to be bought and sold.

Tip! Try the museum’s café where you can get coffee and cake as they were in the 30s.
Prices: Children under 18: Free / Adults: 90 kr.

8. Danmarks Tekniske Museum 

The Danish Museum of Science & Technology

The Danish Museum of Science & Technology is an Eldorado for everyone interested in technology and science. Here you will find airplanes, vintage cars, bicycles, computers, telephones, steam engines and other technological stuff which have become part of our everyday lives. Let the kids try sitting in a real jet fighter or board a passenger plane.

Tip! Don’t forget to visit the space exhibition. Here you can experience how hectic and amazing it is to land a space shuttle.
Prices: Children (under 18): Free / Adults: 90 kr.
Remember that you get 25% off the admissions fee with the Kids in the city club membership

9. Glyptoteket 

The Glyptotek

The Glyptotek is an amazing place for both kids and their parents. Visit the Winter garden, which has palm trees and goldfish and explore the Glyptotek’s collection, which consists of works of art and cultural historical objects from the beginning of time in Mesopotamia, the Faroes’ Egypt, antic Greece, Etruria and the Roman Empire. The collection goes all around the Mediterranean Sea area as well as French and Danish art in the 19th century! Once every few months, there will be a treasure hunt in the art exhibition.

Tip! The Glyptotek’s terrace is worth paying a visit in summertime.
Prices: Children (under 18): Free / Adults: 115 kr. Notice: Tuesdays are free for everyone.  

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Photos: 1. SMK. 2. Designmuseum Danmark. 3. Nationalmuseet. 4. Louisiana  5. Maria Dønvang 6. Experimentarium David Trood 7. Arbejdermuseet 8. Danmarks Tekniske Museum 9. Glyptoteket af Ana Cecilia Gonzalez 10. Nationalmuseet 11. Caroline Meldgaard 12. - Gitte Lotinga