Here's a list of 35 fun, child-friendly and unique adventures for families in Denmark!

Zealand (Sjælland)

1. Kalvehave Labyrintpark

Kalvehave Maze park offers entertaining outdoor activities for the whole family. Test your sense of direction within one of the park’s many mazes. A workout for both your legs and your mind! Or challenge each other with giant puzzles, brainteasers, and games. If you get hungry or need a break, have a picnic in the garden or buy your lunch at the café.

Address: Hovvejen 12, 4771 Kalvehave
Nearest station: Lundby Station

2. Camp Adventure - Skovtårnet

Looking for a hike with the kids? Camp Adventure’s 45-meter high Forest Tower in the south of Zealand lets you experience nature in a unique way, with a 650-meter long ramp that spirals up and above the treetops. If the weather is clear, you can see the Øresund Bridge, and sometimes as far as the Turning Torso in Malmö. Camp Adventure’s forest tower is the highest accessible point on Zealand, offering a spectacular view of the southern part of the island.  Tickets are 150 DKK and 65 DKK for kids (3-6). 

Adress: Denderupvej 9A, 4690 Haslev
Nearest station: Haslev Station

3. Cisternerne

For a very different, magical experience, take the kids to the Cisterns, far below the green grass of Frederiksberg’s Søndermarken Park. From 1859 to 1933, the old reservoir supplied the citizens of the capital with clean drinking water. Today it’s been transformed into an exhibition and events space, where artists from all over the world use the cool dark underworld of stalactites and labyrinthine colonnades to create a unique interactive and inspiring experience. Tickets are 125 DKK for adults and 60 DKK for kids.

Address: Søndermarken, 2000 Frederiksberg
Nearest station: Frederiksberg metro station

4. Sagnlandet Lejre

What was it like to live in the Stone Age or as a Viking? Come see for yourself at Land of Legends in Lejre, near Roskilde, where they have reconstructed houses and environments from the Stone Age, the Iron Age, the Viking Age. Kids can learn to bake brødkiks (a cracker made without yeast or leaven) or grind grain, just like farmers in the Iron Age – or they might even end up in a sword fight with a Viking! Tickets are 175 DKK for adults and 115 for kids (3-11). Get a discount by ordering tickets online. 

Address: Slangealleen 2, 4320 Lejre
Nearest station: Lejre Station

5. Møns Klint

Møn’s Cliff is a popular and unique hiking spot in Denmark with 128-meter cliffs and awesome views of the turquoise ocean below. Stop at the GeoCenter on your way, where the science center’s 3D cinema lets you travel back to when dinosaurs roamed the area. Tickets are 145 DKK and 95 DKK for kids, but during the summer it’s half-price. 

Address: Stengårdsvej 8, 4791 Borre
Nearest station: Vordingborg Station/Stege Rutebilstation

6. Canoeing on Furesø lake

Set sail out upon Denmark’s deepest lake! Rent a canoe and take a ride along the Mill river (Mølleåen). Furesø lake, north of Copenhagen, has cozy little beaches, easy hiking paths, and excellent fishing opportunities. Bring a picnic basket, a fishing net, and enjoy a day on or near the water.

Address: Nybrovej 520, 2800 Lyngby
Nearest station: Lyngby Station

7. Ordrupgaard art playground

In 2016 Ordrupgaard art museum unveiled their art playground. Here children and adults alike can play under an open sky. The art playground offers kids a new experience of art and trips to an art museum, a place where they can climb, jump or run through the art. Please note: The playground is closed during the winter. 

Address: Vilvordevej 110, 2920 Charlottenlund
Nearest station: Ordrup Station

8. Kulturværftet

Kulturværftet (once an old shipyard), near the harbor in Helsingør, is a treasure chest of cultural experiences for the whole family, with theatrical shows, concerts, communal dinners, and workshops for children. During the summer, kids can learn to paint with watercolors, make their own masks or learn how to draw portraits.

Address: Havnepladsen 1, 3000 Helsingør
Nearest station: Helsingør Station

9. Frilandsmuseet

Frilandsmuseet is located just north of Copenhagen and is one of the oldest and largest living history museums in the world, with more than 50 reconstructed buildings, including homes, stores, and even a jail. In December, families can explore the farmhouses with their old, traditional Christmas decorations or watch a play about the old Christmas elves. In the summer the village transforms into Frøsnapper-town, with characters from Ole Lund Kirkegaard’s classic children’s books. There are also theater performances with plays by Hans Christian Andersen. Tickets are 80 DKK for adults and children under 18 are free, but the price varies during the holidays. 

Address: Kongevejen 100, 2800 Kongens Lyngby
Nearest station: Fuglevad Station

10. Barbie Museum

Barbie fans can visit the Barbie Museum in the northwest of Copenhagen, with Barbie dolls in glass cases from floor to ceiling. The owner, Lene Darlie Pedersen, has collected over 4000 Barbie dolls since 1989. At the museum you can meet Barbie, Ken, Skipper, and all their friends from the Barbie universe. Open by appointment only.

Address: Vibevej 52, 2400 København NV.
Nearest station: Fuglebakken Station

11. Grennessminde

Grennessminde is an organic nursery for plants, and a café which helps kids with special needs gain skills and find a job. Come pick your own organic vegetables and fruit in the greenhouses or in the field.  Cabbages, celery, leeks, edible flowers, and much more. In late summer, the orchard is stocked with apples and berries – ripe for the picking!  

Address: Snubbekorsvej 16, 2630 Høje Taastrup
Nearest station: Høje Taastrup Station

12. Birkegården’s Gardens

Birkegaarden offers five different gardens with plenty of activities for the whole family – among others, a donkey ride or mini golf. There are also five different playgrounds, including an obstacle course and a nature playground. If you get hungry, you can visit Café Tinkerbell or pick up a souvenir at the gift shop, Boutique Lily.

Address: Tågerupvej 4, 4271 Ruds Vedby
Nearest station: Ruds Vedby Station

Jutland (Jylland)

13. Den Uendelige Bro

The bathing bridge by Varna beach/Ballehage beach in Aarhus was originally part of a 2015 Sculpture by the Sea event, but has become a permanent art installation, giving visitors a 360-degree panoramic view of the bay. The circular pier is made of wood and runs from the beach out into the water – where you can jump in at any point! The bridge is open from May to October.

Address: Varna Strand/Ballehade Strand, 8000 Aarhu C
Nearest station: Aarhus Station

14. Kunsten Museum of Modern Art

Kunsten (‘the art’ in Danish) is located in Aalborg and offers art and creativity for the whole family. In addition to the exhibitions, there are art-hunts for the children, family workshops in the sculpture park, and much, much more. Entry is free for children under 18 and 120 DKK for adults. 

Address: Kong Christians Allé 50, 9000 Aalborg
Nearest station: Aalborg Station

15. Råbjerg Mile

Go to the desert in Denmark! The migrating dune is one of the biggest in Europe, moving 15 meters every year.  In about 100-200 years it will cover the main road to Skagen. The dune offers beautiful vistas and is a perfect day hike, where the kids can play and tumble down the sandy hills. Remember to check the wind forecast before going. 

Address: Råbjerg Mile, 9990 Skagen
Nearest station: Hulsig Station

16. LEGO House

Known as the “Home of the Brick, Lego House is an experience center filled with 25 million LEGO bricks, where children and adults alike can play and build with Legos, both physically and digitally.  The house has four different zones, each with a different creative focus, along with nine terraces with playgrounds, a Lego shop and three restaurants. Tickets must be ordered online and cost 199 DKK. Kids two and under are free. 

Address: Ole Kirks Vej 1, 7190 Billund
Nearest station: Billund Station

17. Madsby Activity Park

Madsby Activity Park is an El Dorado for families. Most of the activities are free or cheap, including moon-cars, miniature golf, and row boats.  There’s even a little train that takes you to all the different activities, including the historical miniature town (a replica of Fredericia in 1849). From May to September there are free outdoor puppet theater shows and fairy tale readings in the Fairy Tale Grotto.

Address: Lymbyesvej 45, 7000 Fredericia
Nearest station: Frederica Station

18. Cold Hawaii

Klitmøller, also known as Cold Hawaii, is one of the best surf spots in Europe.  The nature along the northwest coastline of Jutland is extraordinary, and you and your family you might just be inspired to take a course or see a surfing competition. The local surf shops and schools are always ready to help. 

Address: Vibedalvej 2, 7700 Thisted
Nearest station: Thisted Station

19. Mennesket ved Havet

Men at Sea is a nine-meter tall sculpture near Sædding beach, west of Esbjerg. The sculpture symbolizes the meeting between man and nature, and since 1995, the four men in white concrete have watched the ships leaving and entering Esbjerg harbor. A nice spot for a picnic or a bike ride. 

Address: Sædding Strand, 6710 Esbjerg V
Nearest station: Esbjerg Station

20. Children’s Festival Himmelhop on Himmelbjerget

At 147 meters above sea level, Himmelbjerget (sky mountain) is one of the highest natural points in Denmark. The children’s festival Himmelhop started 10 years ago, and continues to grow, with activities and opportunities for kids during the summer.  The festival starts the first day of summer and ends when school starts. Kids can go on a treasure hunt, do yoga, try their hand at archery, enjoy a concert, and much more.

Address: Tinghusvej 4, 8680 Ry
Nearest station: Skanderborg Station

21. Koldinghus Castle

Koldinghus is a Danish royal castle in Kolding and is both a museum and an exhibition space. Kids can join the dress-up workshop, where they can try on beautiful replicas of Renaissance dress and prance around in the historic settings of Christian IV. There are also guided tours, fencing classes, and the possibility to rent out a space for your kid’s next birthday party! Tickets for adults are 125 DKK and kids under 17 are free. 

Address: Koldinghus 1, 6000 Kolding
Nearest station: Kolding Station

22. Canoeing on Gudenåen

With its 160 kilometers, Gudenåen is the longest river in Denmark, giving you ample opportunity to experience the landscape of Jutland. Rent a canoe and paddle from Tørring to the outlet at Randers Fjord. Camping along the way gives the kids a great opportunity to also discover the 80 different plant species along the way. 

Address: 8600 Silkeborg
Nearest station: Silkeborg Station

23. The Adventure Park Universe

The adventure park Universe on the island of Als (southeast of Jutland) is both an amusement park and a science center. The park offers tons of fun learning activities, such as a Segway course, a virtual roller-coaster, digging machines, acting for a day at a Film Studio, or rocket design. Tickets are 249 DKK for adults and 199 DKK for kids over five. Get a good discount by ordering online in advance. 

Address: Mads Patent Vej 1, 6430 Nordborg
Nearest station: Gråsten Station

24. Thingbæk limestone mine

Go underground into the old Thingbæk Limestone Mine (under the Rebild center). Here you will find the world’s only sculpture museum inside a limestone mine and you can see bats hibernating in the winter. Above ground, there is an exhibit space and a beautiful view of Rold Skov forest. 

Address: Røde Møllevej 4 Thingbæk, 9520 Skørping
Nearest station: Skørping Station

25. Tirpitz Museum

Hidden in the sand dunes in west Jutland, the old Tirpitz bunker from WWII is now home to a museum and a treasure chest of forgotten stories. The architecture firm BIG designed the beautiful bunker museum, which you enter through an underground exhibition tunnel. The museum has three main spaces: a gallery for special exhibitions (such as the gripping West Coast Stories exhibit), the original bunker, and a café/shop – Entry is free for children under 18 and tickets for adults are 145 DKK.

Address: Tirpitzvej 1, 6857 Blåvand
Nearest station: Oksbøl Station

Funen (Fyn) 

26. Horse and prairie wagon rental in Sydfyn

Westward ho! – over the hills and through the fields of south Funen in a horse-drawn wagon. The wagon has many of the regular amenities of a camper, but offers the slow-paced, clip-clop charm of hooves and a historic experience. See website for prices. 

Address: Holmdrup Huse 3, 5881 Skårup
Nearest station: Nyborg Station

27. Darnmarks Jernbanemusem


Denmark’s railway museum is located in the heart of Odense and offers a hands-on experience of the Danish rails. Jump in the driver’s cab of the steam locomotive from 1954, experience life as a passenger in first class in the royal coaches, or take a trip in the mini train. For the smallest passengers, there is a miniature train station, and outside there’s a brand-new learning and play zone. Adult tickets are 80 DKK and kids are free. 

Address: Dannebrogsgade 24, 5000 Odense C
Nearest station: Odense Station

28. Naturama

Naturama is Svendborg’s zoological museum. Get up close to wild animals, such as musk oxen, elk, polar bears, wolves, and see a real whale skeleton. There are plenty of activities for children and adults alike. The current exhibit is on dinosaurs, including the skeleton of a 70 million-year-old, 13-meter long Tarbosaurus. 

Address: Dronningemaen 30, 5700 Svendborg
Nearest station: Svendborg Station

29. Egeskov Castle

Egeskov Castle offers beautiful renaissance gardens, mazes, playgrounds, and exhibitions with vintage cars, motorbikes, and dollhouses. Count Michael Ahlefeldt and his family still use the castle, but open the gates for visitors. There are plenty of events all year round and concerts or Midsummer’s Day are all the more enjoyable in the impressive surroundings. Tickets are 229 DKK for adults and 139 DKK for kids (4-12).

Address: Egeskovgade 18, 5772 Kværndrup
Nearest station: Kværndrup Station

30. Natural playgrounds

Funen has plenty of nature playgrounds, where you can bring your picnic basket and spend many happy hours together. One of these it Sansehaven in Nyborg, which is a huge playground designed to develop motor skills and stimulate the senses. There is also a nearby petting-zoo, with chickens, goats and rabbits.

Address: Strandvænget 1, 5800 Nyborg
Nearest station: Nyborg Station

31. GoMonkey

If you have a bunch of little monkeys at home, why not let them fly through the trees at GoMonkey. The parks in both Funen, Jutland and Zealand have many different obstacle courses, with rope bridges and cableways, from half a meter to 15 meters high, according to the height, age, and experience of the participants. 

Adress: Søndermarken, 2000 Frederiksberg, Vandtårnsvej 55, 2860 Søborg, Stærmosegårdsvej 57, 5230 Odense M og Hylkedalvej 23, 6000 Kolding
Nearest station in Odense: Odense Station

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32. Den Fynske Landsby

Experience what it was like to live in a rural village on Funen in the mid 19th century and see the settings that inspired Hans Christian Andersen to write his fairy tales.  Help the little girl herd her flock of geese or visit the blacksmith at his forge. The Half-timbered farmhouses are constructed using time-honored techniques, and in the summer and the holidays, the old houses are brought to life with actors in historical costume. See how the women carded, spun, and colored their wool or skip over to the field and see the farmer prepare his fields with a horse-drawn plow. Tickets are 145 DKK for adults. Children under 17 are free.

Address: Sejerskovvej 20, 5260 Odense S
Nearest Station: Odense Station

33. Ditlevsdal Bison farm

Let loose your inner cowboy or cowgirl! Ditlevsdal is the largest bison farm in Europe, with around 400 American bison. Go on a guided tour, have a bison burger, and/or overnight in a prairie house and wake up to a view of the giant animals. See website for tickets.

Address: Tokkerodvej 24, 5462 Morud
Nearest station: Odense Station/Morud Centret busterminal


34. Hammershus Center

Immerse yourself in Danish history! Hammershus castle is Northern Europe’s largest castle ruin, going back to the 1200s. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the island and the sea at the center or explore the museum’s exhibition to learn more about the castle’s dramatic history. The visitor center is free, but there are parking fees. 

Address: Slotslyngvej 9, 3770 Allinge
Nearest station: Rønne Havn

35. Brændegårdshaven

Brændegårdshaven, better known as Joboland, is a family-friendly amusement park on the island Bornholm, with a huge playland, waterpark, and an animal park. Try Denmark’s oldest hand-operated carousel, go jumping in a bouncy castle or explore the climbing castle’s slides and gangways. Tickets are 149 DKK per person (over four years), but prices vary depending on the month. 

Address: Højevejen 4, 3740 Svaneke
Nearest station: Brændegårdshaven bus stop


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1. Kalvehave Labyrintpark
2. GeoCenter Møn
3. Ordrupgaard Kunstpark
4. Frilandsmuseet - Brittany Overgaard
5. Den Uendelige Bro - Caroline Meldgaard
6. LEGO House - Caroline Hemmingsen
7. Mennesket ved havet -
8. Koldinghus af Knud Christensen
9. Universe
10. Tirpitz Westcoast stories MikeBink for Tinker Imagineers
11. Sydfyns Heste- og Prærievognsudlejning 
12. Egeskov Slot - Caroline Meldgaard
13. Odense Bys Museer, Den fynske landsby af Lone Eg Nissen
14. Destination Bornholm