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Available spot!

Stella (September 2014), Áron (October 2014) and William (November 2014) and Elsa (December 2014) are looking for a new friend to play with!

They are spending their days with Annie and Lili who are international moms, putting together a group of children of similar age and developmental stage.

Lili lives on Østerbro on Borgmester Jensens alle, and the child we are looking for will have to be droped of and picked up here by his/her parents, whilst Annie lives in Frederiksberg (on Bentzonsvej).
We spend our days together, spending one week at one’s place and the other at the other’s place, making the most of the different opportunities of both locations.

At both homes, we have childproof environment, plenty of stimulating and fun activities both in- and outdoors. We like to play out a lot, but also do some outing to museums, children’s theaters, parks or the beach.
On rainy days, we might stay in for activities and get those little fingers creative and dirty (though we are outside every day, at least for naps).
We love songs, rhythms, gestures and dancing. We also listen to music and prepare for special events depending on the season and coming holydays. Never bored, we don’t feel the need to use movies, Tv, Ipad and other electronics with the children.
As for the practicalities, we take care of organic food (cooked warm food for lunch), nappies, prams, and other equipment.

Since the children and we are from an international background, our group –respectively- speaks English, Swedish, German, French, Hungarian and Danish, though in office hours :) we speak English with the children (or in case that is what the joining kid’s parents would prefer, Annie could speak French, whilst Lili would stick to English).

Now we are in search for someone who will start his or her morning with Lili on Østerbro. The opening hours would be from 8h30 to 16h30 (and 830-3.00 on Fridays). Whilst Lili will be your primary contact, you would of course be more than welcome to meet Annie (and see her home), since she would be an important person in your child’s (and therefor your) life too.

Lili is from Hungary, but has been living in The Netherlands for almost 6 years before moving to Denmark 3 years ago. She has a Master degree in Psychology, but has always worked with kids, first as an au pair in her student years, and later as a private childminder both in Amsterdam and in Copenhagen. (References are available!) She feels just as passionate about the importance of teaching the next generation to live their lives on a healthy and environmentally friendly way, as to help them become happy individuals, and so she chooses activities, toys, meals, and ways of transportation accordingly. She is married to a Dane, with whom they have a son. Her guys make her feel both incredibly lucky and busy :).

Annie is from Canada (the French part – Quebec), but has lived in many countries. She is now living in Denmark since 2 years. She has a PhD in philosophy and an undergrad in Fine Arts. She worked several years in a kindergarten abroad, teaching English, Art and crafts. She is a 2 times mom and loves playing with children and making sure they are happy and get everything they need to develop optimally, therefore she is constantly keeping informed about children’s education and development. She hopes to find an attaching child to bond and cultivate a caring relation with. In her freetime, she his crawling under the table to tickle her son, makes princess crowns out of toilet paper roll with her daughter and cooks yummy recipes with her husband.

Whilst we have full respect for those who feel that the “vuggestue” is the right choice for their family, and they just need a private childminder until they get a spot in the “vuggestue”; we think that children of this age are thriving best in a small, homely environment, where they see the same familiar faces every day, and where the activities can be “tailor made” for their needs. We also think it’s a good transition between family life and “børnehave”.
Therefor we hope to find a child, whose parents have similar values to ours! Since we believe that the children enjoy each other’s company more, if they are close in age, and it is easier for us to come up with suitable activities, the ideal candidate is born between July 2014 and January 2015, so is 1,5-2 years old now.
Our experience shows, that it is important to have a stable group (it takes some getting used to for all the children and the adults too, when a new child joins the group), therefore we would like a child, whose parents are ready to commit at least for half a year. (For your information, both Aron and Stella are to stay till børnehave starts for them, and William and Elsa will be with us at least till they turn 2,5!)

In case you have further questions and/or would like to meet, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

+45 60606451

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