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Family Yoga (age 2-4)

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Masnedøgade 20, 2. sal
2100 København Ø
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Date: Wednesday the 24th of January
Time: 15.00-16.00
Price: 1 Parent and 1 child 150 DKK FOR ONE WORKSHOP
Age: 2-4 years old’s

Come on a yoga adventure with the magical maker of dreams. You and your child might know about the Sandman, but do you know how he gets his magical sand? On this adventure you will be helping the sandman to get his magical sand, fly over houses and help him get everyone to dream sweet dreams.
Child/Parent yoga is a great and fun way to bond and create new fun experiences together. You will get the opportunity to find your inner child and become conscious of your body and its needs while at the same time bonding with your child and together creating a fun, new experience.
Children’s yoga is a way for your child to use their senses and stimulate their basic motor skills. It’s a fun and relaxed yoga session where both you and your child will be inspired, entertained and relaxed at the same time. The session is based on a story to make the yoga and mindfulness session more interesting for children. At the end of the session we will have a brief relaxation exercise through dreamy visualization to experience some moments of peace together. Many children look forward to the relaxation in the end, almost as much as the parents.
We will finish the event with snacks and the children will make their own magical sand-bottle that can help them relax and fall asleep. The parents will have the opportunity to chat with each other in our cozy lounge over a cup of tea.

Rikke Dall-Hansen has professional experience as a dancer and circus artist. Currently she is working as a body therapist and a yoga teacher specializing in classes for children and teens. That is why she loves to combine playfulness and different yoga styles in her sessions and brings elements from dance, circus and theatre into her practice.

Children`s yoga has a positive effect both physically and mentally:
- Builds self-esteem and confidence
- Develops fine and basic Motor skills
- Helps to better coordination and balance
- Encourages responsibility and tidiness
- Helps concentration and focus
- Calms both body and mind
- Better connects us with our feelings and senses
- Lower risk of anxiety and depression
- Help Children to recognize boundaries
- Develops awareness of breath, breathing and it`s effects on the body and mind

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