Det Gyldne Bevis - Evolution i Amazonas

Sk rmbillede 2017 10 09 kl. 21.14.21 normal620
Tycho Brahe Planetarium
Gl. Kongevej 10
1610 København V
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Rumrejse + filmen Amazon Adventure

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Rundtur i universet - en rejse ud gennem Solsystemet og helt ud til universets yderste grænse.

Amazon Adventure
Amazon Adventure tells the epic, true story of explorer Henry Bates' fascinating 11 year journey through the visually stunning and biodiverse Amazon rainforest as a young man who risks his life for science in the 1850’s.

The nature is extraordinary and science is adventure, just waiting to be discovered
As in any great detective story, audiences will experience, in immersive IMAX®, the compelling clues Bates unearths in his major discovery of the phenomenon of mimicry, whereby certain animals adopt the look of others that helps them deceive predators and gain an advantage to survive.

The beautiful proof
Little known to the public, Bates made other crucial contributions to biology: identifying 8.000 species new to science and most importantly, putting forth the first ever case for the creation of a new species, which Charles Darwin called the “beautiful proof” for natural selection.

Audiences will be wowed by the mind-boggling examples of camouflage and mimicry and inspired by Bates’ endless curiosity and determination to explore the wilds of nature from the time he was a young boy.

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Hele forestillingen tager ca. 60 minutter.
Forestillingen er med dansk tale. Ønsker du den engelske indtaling af filmen, kan du købe hovedtelefoner i billetsalget til DKK. 20,-.
All our shows are narrated in Danish. If you would like to hear the English narration, headphones are available at the Ticket sale for DKK. 20,-.

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