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Conscious Child´s Birth - Preparation Course

Experience the birth of your child with love and inner power

Learn how to create an environment in which you and your partner feel relaxed, an atmosphere that promotes the release of positive hormones, and will make the birth process more comfortable for those present.

Learn how to be conscious and connected with the process of birth and with the baby. Learn about many different ways how to approach childbirth and make your own choices along the way.

Explore ways to create a positive, calm birth experience for YOU, YOUR PARTNER and YOUR BABY.

We will run through practical birthing tools for both partners during each stage of labour, such as:

Breathing and relaxation practices

Positive visualisations and affirmations

Optimal positions for labour

Supportive acupressure and massage techniques

How to stay calm and focused during a more complex birth

Birth plan and other practical information for the labour

Many different tools and suggestions for partners to be used during the childbirth

We will talk about the first hours after the baby is born and the following days, including tools and suggestions to that will help to make this time special and support the parents and their baby.

This is also a space for you to ask questions and voice any worries or uncertainties you may have.

The workshop will be leaded by Pregnancy Yoga teacher, childbirth coachand doula Agnieszka Bera and Pregnancy Yoga teacher and midwife Isabella Lina Claudi Risom.

The course is in English, but Danish speakers are welcome as well, and can get some explanation in Danish as needed.

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