Sssh! In Copenhagen, secret nooks and hidden gems for kids are waiting to be discovered by you. You may not know these 5 secret child friendly places, but I will share them with you – but don’t tell too many about it, it’s a secret, you know!

Børnenes Dyremark
1. Børnenes Dyremark

The Children’s Petting Zoo
The Petting Zoo is a voluntary association the purpose of which is to encourage children’s relation to nature and animals. Especially children from Sydhavnen use the animal farm. It is possible to have your rabbit stay in one of the many rabbit hutches or share one of the horses. At the moment, there is room for about 20 rabbits and the Petting Zoo has 6 horses. Additionally, the farm has some cheeky goats and tame cats the children can play with.

Classens Have
2. Classensgade Have

Classen’s Garden
Classens’ Garden is a small, “secret” park, which lies hidden in a courtyard on Østerbro. Here you will find a small, quaint playground for the smaller children, with playhouses, monkey bars and jungle gyms, sandpits and gangways. The park is a beautiful and safe oasis as it is separated from the noise and traffic of the city – perfect for families with young children! In addition, the playground is fenced off and thereby separated from the rest of the gardens.

3. Cisternerne

The Cisterns
How about a trip underground? Deep below Søndermarken’s green grass on Frederiksberg lies The Cisterns – the stalactite caves of Copenhagen. Originally a reservoir which supplied the citizens of the capital with clean drinking water, but which now is the center of mysterious underground passages and fantastic art exhibitions.

Trekroner Søfort
4. Trekroner Søfort

Trekroner Sea Fort
You can also visit the artificial island the Sea Fort of Trekroner from the 18 th century which lies in the harbor of Copenhagen! The Fort played a part in slaget på Reden (The Battle of Copenhagen) on april 2 nd 1801 and soldiers lived there during World War 1. There are interactive and exciting tours for children and plenty of opportunity to go explore the mysterious fort. Remember your flashlight! Copenhagen Water Shuttle sails from Isbjørnen by Langelinjekaj 5 – check departure times here.

5. Klunkehjemmet

The Tassel Home
Experience an old apartment exactly as it looked like in 1890! Two old sisters donated their childhood home to the National Museum of Denmark and the apartment has received the flattering name “Klunkehjemmet” (also meaning the Testicle Home) because of the tassels decorating the furniture, typical of the time period. The tour guide will also describe how the life was of people who lived in a home like that.


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Photos: 1) Børnenes Dyremark 2) Classens Have 3) Cisternerne 4) Trekroner Søfort 5) Nationalmuseet