There are more than 140 playgrounds in Copenhagen of which some are better than others. Børn i byen has chosen 10 of the all-time best playgrounds for kids.

1. Den i Enghaveparken
The one at Enghaveparken

Ejderstedgade 1, 1761 København V
The children can scamper out at Enghaveparken on Vesterbro on the newly renovated playground, which is operated during weekdays. There are lots of opportunities to take on climbing and practice delicate balancing or take the aerial cableway as well as ride a bicycle. At the center of the playground there is a tall jungle gym, which most of all looks like a spiderweb, and next to it is a slide for younger children. There are plenty of benches to sit and eat your lunch or mom and dad can drink their coffee while the children are playing.

2. Den i Prinsesse Charlottes Gade
The one at Prinsesse Charlottes Gade

Prinsesse Charlottes Gade 10, 2200 København N
The playground is part of Guldberg Primary and Lower Secondary School (ages 6-16), which is why it can only be used outside of the school’s opening hours. It is located between Sjællandsgade and Meinungsgade and has very inviting facilities, which is completed down to the last detail. The playground is faultlessly tied up with the newly renovated square in front of the Simeons Kirke (the Church of Simeons). The playground invites you to hang out on the benches which overlooks Assistens Cementery – and play on the cool slide and the nice trampolines.

3. Bondegården i Remiseparken
The Farm at Remiseparken

Peder Lykkesvej 71-71, 2300 København S
Does the children need some rural stimulus, then visit the farm playground at Remiseparken. There are horses, goats, rabbits, chicken, pigs and a cow. The farm is staffed both during weekdays and on weekends. Inside the farmhouse there are different activities during weekdays for instance a playroom for 0-3-year-olds, which is free of charge. You definitely will not get your children home right away, so bring along a picnic basket and fill up your coffee jugs. Everything can be consumed at one of the many tables while the children let off steam at the outdoor playground.

4. Trafiklegepladsen
The Traffic Playground

Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 10, 2100 København Ø
The Traffic Playground in Fælledparken continue to be a winner. It includes small roads, traffic lights and crosswalks exactly as real-life traffic. On weekdays bicycles can be used on loan, but if you visit the playground on weekends you will need to bring your own vehicle in order for the children to go full throttle on the bicycles, scooter or roller skates. Next to the Traffic Playground is a small, cozy playground, which contains tables and benches that can be used to get refueled when more energy is needed.

5. Den i Ørstedsparken
The one at Ørstedsparken

Nørre Farimagsgade 2, 1364 København K
In the corner of Ørstedsparken - by Nørre Farimagsgade and H.C. Andersens Boulevard - is a great, big playground. There are plenty of playground equipment and bicycles you can borrow and ride on during opening hours. The playground is staffed during weekdays but can still be visited on weekends at which point the bicycles will be locked away. There are various activities inside the little house on the playground such as rhythmic and you can try to bake a twistbread or campfire bread, which can be checked through their Facebook page. If you have bigger children, they can engage in the electronical play area next to the playground.

naturlegeplads6. Naturlegepladsen i Valbyparken
The Nature Playground in Valbyparken

Hammelstrupvej 41, 2450 København SV
Copenhagen’s biggest nature playground is located in the Valbyparken. While you may not live nearby, it is still worth a visit. With 25.000 square meters of play it has more than enough tasks for even the most energetic children while it is located in a natural environment with lots of greeneries around. It is arranged in hilly surroundings of which you can run and climb over hills and up towers. As a special feature, the playground also includes pétanque alleys and bonfire places you are allowed to use if you call in advance.

7. Den i Nørrebroparken
The one in Nørrebroparken

Stefansgade 28-30, 2200 København N
If you live on Nørrebro you will definitely know the staffed playground in Nørrebroparken. If you don’t live on Nørrebro, you ought to get to know it. It is very lucky that an airplane landed in the center of the playground, which can be climbed in and on. Next to it there is a big boat has run ashore with a slide and there is also a large whale to play on. Right next to the playground there are oceans of cafés on Stefansgade and Jægersborggade, which serve coffee to go for mom and dad to keep warm.

Get an overview of all of Copenhagen’s playground with Børn I byen’s interactive map right here.

byggelegeplads8. Byggelegepladsen
The building playground

Peder Lykkesvej 71-71, 2300 København S
Right next to the farm playground at Remiseparken is the building playground, which, like it’s neighbor, stands out of the playground scenery. Here your inner Bob the Builder can be let loose if you get here within the playground’s opening hours. You can borrow tools and continue the building of approximately 30 small houses out here. There are also more general playing opportunities such as a playing field, aerial cableway and a playing castle, which can be used outside of the opening hours.

9. Elefantens Bastion
The Bastion of the Elephant at Christianshavn Vold

Christianshavns Voldgade 36, 1424 København KThere are two playgrounds at the ramparts of Christianshavn, a very small one for young children and bigger staffed one with all imaginable playground equipment’s. There are plenty of opportunities for ballgames: basketball, tennis, table tennis, soccer and rounders. For the smaller children there are sandboxes, seesaws and tricycles. You can also rent bicycles, play giant chess and paddle in the water play area at summertime – but only do this if you have time to let the children try everything.


10. Den i Kongens Have
The one in King’s Garden

King’s Garden by Sølvgade, 1350 København K
A visit to the beautiful park on the middle of Copenhagen’s city center could be combined with a trip to the park’s playground. It is most appealing for the younger children and especially those with the imagination for fairytale games. You can take a ride on the back of a dragon or watch over the big golden egg, which is placed in the middle of the flower. Perhaps you are a prince or princess from the neighboring caste of Rosenborg Castle? Next to it both young ones and adults can rest at the park’s café.


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1. Enghaveparken, Københavns Kommune
2. Bondegården, Remiseparken, Anders Hviid
3. Valbyparken naturlegeplads, Romeika Cortez
4. Byggelegepladsen, Københavns Kommune
5. Kongens Have, Katrine Hemmingsen


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