Get your flashlight out and explore in the dark at one of Zealand’s 10 underground locations. We guide you to both educational, beautiful and scary adventures right here.

1. Ruinerne under Christiansborg
The Ruins under Christiansborg Palace

Where: Indre Slotsgård, Christiansborg Slot, 1218 København K
Explore the remains of Bishop Absalon’s Castle from 1167 and Copenhagen Caste, which was demolished in 1731. Everything just below Christiansborg Palace! The historical exhibit will make you wiser on the 800-long story of Christiansborg as a medieval castle while getting some shiver and shudder through the history of Copenhagen Castle dungeon, Blåtårn (Blue Tower), in which the king’s daughter was imprisoned for almost 22 years.

2. Trekronerfortets kælder
The Cellar of the Fortress of Trekroner

Where: Trekroner 1, 1259 København K
Get your flashlight and explore in the darkness of the cellar – if you dare! Below the Fortress of Trekroner you can encounter faces from the past, which are brought to life and will tell you of their everyday life along with some exciting surprises. Furthermore, you can experience the history of the fortress through 8 exhibition installments at the casemate building’s middle deck – it includes film, pictures and personal stories.

3. Ejbybunkerens oplevelsescenter
The Experience Center of the Ejby Bunker

Where: Jyllingevej 303, 2610 Rødovre
Visit the 1.300 m2 big Cold War bunker, which used to be closed off to the general public. Today, the bunker is turned into a cool experience center where children, among other things, can try and stop World War 3 in the game “Mission Cold War”. Attempt to catch the spy in the bunker’s mobile game and try the digital and interactive instalments while you discover the labyrinthine aisles. An unusual underground experience.

4. Cisternerne i Søndermarken
Cisternerne at Søndermarken

Where: Søndermarken, 2500 Valby
It’s both wet, cold and dark under Søndermarken’s green fields and while this may not sound appealing the Cisterner are very much worth a visit. The rooms underground is an experience in itself and the special surroundings create a setting for various art exhibits every year. From March 15th to November 30th 2020 you will be able to experience Tomás Saracenos’ exhibition Event Horizon - so put on your wellies and get going.

5. Koldkrigsmuseum Stevnsfort
Stevnsfort Cold War Museum

Where: Korsnæbsvej 60, 4673 Rødvig
Stevnsfort was built as a consequence of the treats during the Cold War, which would place Stevns at the foremost frontline if a war between east and west were to break out. Today, you can experience a guided tour at the underground fortress, which day and night for 40 years was ready for war. Luckily, a rampage never happened, but that does not make the visit less interesting or authentic as it is a clear image of a time when the war that may someday break out was on everybody’s mind. 

6. Kasematterne under Kronborg
The Casemates below Kronborg

Where: Kronborg Slot, 3000 Heslingør
Heaps of stories lie behind the walls of the beautiful Kronborg Castle and the same applies underneath the castle! In the cold and damp casemates, you will, among other things, find the legendary hero Holger Danske who sleeps like a rock until the day Denmark is in serious trouble - then he supposedly wakes up to protect the country from danger. Moreover, the casemates have through the years saved countless of people in states of war - pretty cool, right?

7. Museet for Søfart
Maritime Museum of Denmark

Where: Ny Kronborgvej 1, 3000 Helsingør
Between Kronborg and Kutlurværftet (The Culture Yard) in Elsinore, the architects from BIG has drawn an underground museum in which you can explore a string of colorful exhibitions, which all revolves around the past and present’s seafaring nations. Watch, learn and be an active part of the maritime world through colors, lights and the very special architecture of the building - only a stone’s throw from the sea, which makes the experience very authentic.

8. Ungdomsøens historie
The History of the Youth Island

Where: Middelgrundfortet (Fort Middleground), 1433 København K
A group of young people has moved in at Fort Middleground and are in charge of fun activities for the visitors of island. Here you can, among other things, join the free tour of the big and dark underground halls of the fortress where ammunition, canons and many other items offer gloomy but interesting stories from the war. You can also gain knowledge of what the items and the rooms underground are used for today - fascinating!

9. Skatkammeret på Rosenborg
The Treasury at Rosenborg

Where: Øster Voldgade 4A, 1350 København K
At Rosenborg Caste the basement is filled with royal treasures. Take a look at the extravagant crown jewels and let yourself be impressed by everything from the historical crowns and swords to the delicate christening gowns and jewelry. Furthermore, the Treasury includes items with peculiar stories - among other things, you can explore the 9 silver spoons which holds Frederik 3rd’s unbroken foetal membrane as well as the umbilical cords of his 8 children, which allegedly brings luck and protect against illness.

10. Teaterkælderen på Det Ny Teater
The Theater Basement at Det Ny Teater

Where: Gammel Kongevej 29, 1610 København V
Below Det Ny Teater (The New Theater) is a restaurant, Teaterkælderen, in the middle of the old basement coulisse of the theater, which with pillars and archways create a unique atmosphere. The menu is Danish/French and not especially child-friendly but in turn the waiters will entertain as they are spouting young singers and musicians, sometimes with evergreens between the tables. A fun experience for the older children! Perhaps there is an interesting display at the theater while you’re there?


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Photos: 1) The Ruins under Christiansborg Palace, Thorkild Jensen 2) Trekroner, Lars Schmidt 3) Ejby Bunker, Jeppe Carlsen 4) Cisternerne, Palle Bo Nielsen, Copenhagen Media Center 5) Stevnsfort, Kalklandet 6) Kronborg, Ty Stange, Copenhagen Media Center 7)  M/S Museet for Søfart (Maritime Museum of Denmark) 8) Caroline Meldgaard 9) The Royal Treasury, Rosenborg Castle 10) Det Ny Teater, Henrik Stenberg